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Multimple Roles

A cross between vampires and zombies of Chinese tradition. A person can use the powers of chi energy to make the dead follow their commands. If in the hands of evil, the dead can be used to perform evil deeds, but within every corpse lies the soul of the human they once were.



Cryptid Hunters

(multiple roles offered/all ethnicities)

These well trained breed of modern hunters can kill anything from a vampire to a dragon. They are usually well armed with special firearms and blades.

Uniforms consisting mostly of military type armor but their costume style varies on the personality of the hunter

John Bates


(Supporting Male)

John is a paranormal reality TV show host who goes off searching for the unknown, but rarely catches anything exciting. He usually tramples through the dark with a night vision camera and makes bad jokes at the expense of local indigenous people who appear on his show. He goes off on a routine episode, but finds out that this time the monster is real. He doesn't get to finish the episode.

Outdoor camping clothing.

Bampinay's Nanay


(Supporting female)

Bampinay's mom. She was the leader of a spiritual group of women in the Philippines in the 1600's. As an Aswang (Philippine vampire), she possessed great powers and was the leader of her tribal region. When western influences spread through the archipelago, she was cast out by her people and sentenced to death. The tribespeople underestimated her powers and she used her powers to kill her village before they could kill her. She set her only daughter out in the world to find safety.

tribal clothing

Mahal's Dad


(Supporting Male)

He is a military officer stationed in the Philippines who is on a covert mission. During his stay, he develops a relationship with a woman that results in a pregnancy. Not wanting to take care of the child, the relationship becomes abusive.

Militray type clothing

The Mana

(multiple femail roles)

Asian/Pacific Islander

A group of spiritual leader of a Philippine tribe that transform into the aswangs (the winged Philippine Vampire of legend). When Western influences spread through the archipelago, they were feared and casted out of their spiritually empowered place.

Reality TV show Video Crew


More rolls to be posted

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